Why use Steve Levine

Why use Steve Levine to Buy or Sell your next home?

Steve Levine HeadshotClearly that’s one of the most important questions of all, and that’s why it’s a question you really should be asking.

Experience – It was back in 1986, soon after graduate school, that I began my career in real estate. Over the twenty-six years since, I’ve seen good markets and bad, easy sales and seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Having helped over 2000 families, I’ve dealt with everything anyone could ever be expected to deal with, from folks having unexpected triplets, to some of the most challenging family situations you can imagine. In my life, I have had the opportunity to hire countless professionals and the one common thing is that I always hire the most experienced people in their field in the knowledge that whatever may come up, they know how to deal with it.

Communication – One of the single biggest things that I pride myself on is communication. Most people who have recently been involved in a transaction cite as their top issue a lack of communication from their agent. Sometimes hours or even days go by, waiting for a return phone call. I had a Seller recently who had been listed with an agent for 4 months, and had been trying for 2 weeks to get him on the phone to reduce the price, never to have a call returned. Some “top agents” tend to insulate themselves from their clients with layers of assistants. I just don’t buy into that theory.

I pride myself on being available seven days a week on my cell phone and I usually respond to my e-mails with 10 minutes throughout the day and night. I don’t take vacations or days off, I don’t tune out and turn off my phone. I know that probably sounds crazy, but I’m a workaholic, and truly just enjoy what I do.

Negotiation – I am one of the most skilled negotiators in the industry. I have put together around 2000 transactions, and always make sure I’m working in the interest of my clients. My experience has taught me how to “weed out” the root of the negotiation and get right to the point. I can show you as a Buyer how to write a “Bullet Proof Contract” that a Seller can’t possibly refuse. As a Seller, I can teach you how to deal with a Buyer in a way that’s most likely to result in a sale. One of the most important aspects is to identify potential “bad deals” before you ever sign a contract. Once you do, it’s too late, and there are countless mine fields to watch out for such as so called pre-approved buyers who will never really get a mortgage.

Determination – I don’t want to hear about why something can’t be done… I want to know how to make it happen. I never give up!! Nothing worse than having your money on the line, while your agent whines about everything from the weather to the market as a whole. They should channel that energy into positivity.

Marketing Innovation – Doing things the same way they’ve been done before will never yield a new result. Only by thinking outside the box can you make the impossible seem effortless. I have come up with some wild marketing programs that have set the real estate community on fire, and resulted in my being asked to speak at national conferences on creative marketing techniques.
Fee Structure – Real Estate seems to be the only industry in which you can hire the top person in the industry for less money than an inexperienced one. I just can’t fathom why anyone would pay MORE money for someone with LESS experience. My 15 year old Homeowners Blend Program enables homeowners to save up to 50% on the real estate fees they might have been expecting, while still having the best in the business representing them.

Relationships – Perhaps one of the more overlooked issues in the industry, is to have an agent who’s actually nice to be with. This is especially true when working to buy a home. After all, who wants to spend time driving around with someone they don’t even like. In addition to being a great Realtor, I also happen to be a sweet person to be with. Even while I am always the consummate professional, I’m far from boring and stodgy. I’m witty, charming, funny, and incredibly modest too! We’ll have a great time together….I promise!

The good news is that you don’t have to take my word for any of this!! Instead you can hear first hand what some of my past clients have to say about their personal experiences by check out this video. I think you’ll really enjoy hearing people talk about their particular real estate transactions, how things went, what they might have done differently etc.
Any questions, just email me anytime at [email protected] and I’m absolutely honored to help any way I possibly can.