Are Solar Energy Systems a Viable Option for Massachusetts Home Owners?


If you are interested in saving money on your energy bills please know that there are finally home builders out there that are making solar power a viable option for you. Many are currently offering solar power systems as an optional feature, touting their “Green Energy” initiative as a selling feature. Fortunately, their pledge to achieve superior environmental performance as well as reducing the cost of home ownership is about to become a reality.

Realistically, each 3-kilowatt solar power system will lower the homeowner’s electric bills by up to sixty percent, and can result in a carbon footprint reduction of up to forty-eight percent. Not only is this a wonderful savings for the homeowner but also allows them to remain energy independent when electricity rates increase. In addition, this wonderful option yields environmental benefits for the entire community.

When a solar system has been properly installed on your Massachusetts home, you will be able to track how much power your system is producing, as well as evaluate its environmental benefits, all through a web-based remote monitoring system.

Many of the folks I have spoken to in the Shrewsbury  MA area have been somewhat hesitant, only because of the large upfront cost, however there are even ways around that. In fact, several companies in the Greater Boston area will come in and install your solar equipment for free, running it on a lease basis, and selling you back the inexpensive power that it generates.

Is it something to consider, here in Shrewsbury MA? The answer is absolutely. As always, do your homework, bring in a few of the established contractors, and see just what they have to offer you. They will be able to evaluate your particular situation based on amount of sunlight at our location, overhanging trees, and even which way the main body of your roof faces. Silly as it sounds, a system that is completely viable for your neighbor across the street, may not work for you at all.

If you need a recommendation for someone to speak with, just let me know, and I’d be thrilled to refer you to someone excellent right here in the Shrewsbury MA area.


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