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Steve Levine Re/Max Professional Associates

Steve Levine Re/Max Professional Associates

Why would a Buyer use Steve to purchase their next home?

Clearly that’s one of the most important questions of all, and one you really should be asking.

Experience – First and foremost is the decades of real estate experience Steve brings to the table – It was back in 1986, soon after graduate school, that he began his lifetime career in real estate. Nealry 30years later, He has seen good markets and bad, and experience both easy sales and seemingly insurmountable obstacles, and everything in between. The knowledge that comes from that, can’t be overstated. Having helped over 2000 families, he has simply dealt with everything anyone could ever be expected to deal with, and learned at each step along the way. In the end, one failsafe means of protecting your interests, in any field, is always the same – hire the most experienced people in their field, with confidence that whatever may come up, they know how to deal with it, and will advise you honestly all along the way.

Inside Information – As one of the top listing agents in the region, it goes without saying that Steve often knows about the hottest new listings, weeks before they ever hit the market, and makes sure they are available for his loyal clients to view, before anyone else. In times like this, where inventory is low, cream-puff properties are harder and harder to find, and often result in bidding wars.  By getting the inside track on a great home, you can take a moment to breathe, decide if it’s something you want, and if so, you can lock it up before anyone else ever knows it was even for sale.

Communication – One of the single biggest things that Steve prides himself on is communication. Most people who have recently been involved in a transaction cite as their top issue a lack of communication from their agent. Sometimes hours or even days go by, waiting for a return phone call. Imagine being a Buyer r who had been working with an agent for 4 months, and had been trying for 2 weeks to get in to see a home.  By the time your agent called back, the home was sold.  You’d be upset, and rightly so.  Instead, try emailing Steve at midnight, and don’t be surprised to get an email back.

Negotiation – As one of the most skilled negotiators in the industry. Steve always makes sure he’s working in the interest of his clients. His long experience has taught him how to “weed out” the root of the negotiation and get right to the point. He can show you as a Buyer how to write a “Bullet Proof Contract” that a Seller can’t possibly refuse, without over paying for the property.

Relationships – Perhaps one of the more overlooked issues in the industry, is to have an agent who’s actually nice to be with. This is especially true when working to buy a home. After all, who wants to spend time driving around with someone they don’t even like. In addition to being a great Realtor, Steve also happens to be a sweet person to be with. Even while he is always the consummate professional, he’s far from boring and stodgy. He’s witty, charming, funny, and incredibly modest too! You’ll have a great time together…for sure.

The good news is that you don’t have to take Steve’s word for any of this!! Instead you can hear first hand what some of my past clients have to say about their personal experiences by check out this video. I think you’ll really enjoy hearing people talk about their particular real estate transactions, how things went, what they might have done differently etc.

Any questions, just email me anytime at [email protected] and I’m absolutely honored to help any way I possibly can.