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The history of Fox Farm Estates is definitely one that most people here in Shrewsbury Massachusetts would never even realize.  Back in the late 80’s, a company called Capo Construction started the development that was, at the time, called Thatchers Woods.  They put in a few hundred feet of road, which would be called Lamplighter Drive, and a contemporary model home, just before the market collapsed, and they went out of business, their bank foreclosing on the entire development.  After a few failed attempts to find a Buyer willing to develop this amazing Shrewsbury location, the bank itself went under, and was taking over by the Federal Government, who packaged up all of the assets and sold them off through an organization called the RTC.   It was at that point that Carruth Capital Corporation, founded by the founders of EMC corporation in Hopkinton, stepped in and purchased the entire site, over 100 lots, and committed to finishing the project.  Partnering up up a builder they knew they opted for an initial plan to build small houses, starting at 1500sf. and going up to 2400sf, and offering them stripped of options and upgrades, starting in the 120’s.  Back then, it was common that everything was an “upgrade,” from a fireplace, to a garage, to a bulkhead in the basement.  Even the choices of colors were limited.  You had two countertops to pick from, white or almond.   Definitely not  the good old days, but the houses sold like hotcakes in a market that hadn’t been moving at all.  In fact, they sold too quickly, and the developers quickly realized they had underpriced the product, so the smaller homes were tossed out of the brochure offerings, and things moved up in size and price, all the way to a whopping $193,000, for the 2800sf “Manchester Model.”   Gradually, homes even hit the magic $200k mark.  I think mine was one of the highest priced, at 212k!  It sure seemed like we were overpaying at the time, but little did we know back in 1992 that the market would ever recover.

By the mid to late 90’s, long after the development was done, a second piece of land became available, and the developers purchased what would become “Phase 3,” continuing Comstock and Brentwood back down to South Street, and finally bringing Natural Gas up to the development.  In 2010, NStar brought that gas line all the way through the development, which was a huge help to those who still were replying on oil to heat their homes.

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Fox Farm Estates – Shrewsbury, MA

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