Boylston MA Community and Real Estate Guide

When you think of quaint, quiet and picturesque communities, Boylston MA immediately comes to mind. It is a really small town of around 4,000 people, and is located in Central Massachusetts on the eastern edge of Worcester County. It is about a 10-15 mile drive into Worcester MA and is bordered by Shrewsbury MA, Northborough MA, West Boylston MA, Sterling MA, Clinton MA, and Berlin MA.

The history of Boylston MA is laid out beautifully in these excerpts from Wikipedia.  “Boylston was first settled by Europeans around 1706 in the north part of the present-day town, most notably by the Sawyer family. In 1738, the residents petitioned to form a local town and government, but the British colonial Governor of Massachusetts, William Shirley, denied their request since he wanted to keep the number of towns to a minimum and to restrict popular representation.

A meeting house was built in 1743, and the Reverend Ebenezer Morse, ordained in October 1743, was the first minister in charge of the church.
The town was made up of a large part of land from Shrewsbury and the remainder from Lancaster[1] and was known as the North Parish of Shrewsbury from 1742 until 1786, when it was incorporated as Boylston.

It was named after Ward Nicholas Boylston (1747–1828), a benefactor of the town. The fund he set in 1797 finally accumulated 1450 USD, which were used to build the town hall and school building.

The locals used to live of agriculture, and erected mills on the Nashua River, until the construction of Wachusett Reservoir terminated their operation.”

Boylston MA Geography

According to the United States Census Bureau, Boylston MA has a total area of 19.7 square miles (51 km2), of which 16.0 square miles (41 km2) is land and 3.6 square miles (9.3 km2), or 18.50%, is water. With a population of nearly 4,400 residents, Boylston MA is predominantly a residential community. The Wachusett Reservoir, Boston’s water source, lies in the northwestern part of the town and covers about 5,000 acres (20 km2) of land. Boylston MA maintains approximately 45 miles (72 km) of roadway, has 9 miles (14 km) of sidewalks, and has its own Municipal Light Department, Water District, and volunteer fire and ambulance service.

Historical Population of Boylston MA

According to my favorite source, Wikipedia, “As of the 2000 census, there were 4,008 people, 1,573 households, and 1,140 families residing in the town. The population density was 250.0 inhabitants per square mile (96.5 /km2). There were 1,606 housing units at an average density of 100.2 per square mile (38.7 /km2). The racial makeup of the town was 96.71% White, 0.67% African American, 0.22% Native American, 1.37% Asian, 0.25% from other races, and 0.77% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 0.57% of the population.

There were 1,573 households out of which 33.2% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 63.9% were married couples living together, 6.6% had a female householder with no husband present, and 27.5% were non-families. 22.3% of all households were made up of individuals and 8.6% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 2.55 and the average family size was 3.02.
In the town the population was spread out with 24.3% under the age of 18, 4.4% from 18 to 24, 31.3% from 25 to 44, 27.8% from 45 to 64, and 12.3% who were 65 years of age or older. The median age was 40 years. For every 100 females there were 99.0 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 96.5 males.

The median income for a household in the town was $67,703, and the median income for a family was $77,604. Males had a median income of $56,019 versus $43,277 for females. The per capita income for the town was $32,274. About 2.4% of families and 2.8% of the population were below the poverty line, including 0.5% of those under age 18 and 9.8% of those age 65 or over.”

Attractions near Boylston MA

There are plenty of other attractions throughout Boylston MA and the surrounding areas that include:

Boylston Orchards (1 mile)
Solomon Pond Mall (4 miles)
Twin Springs Golf Course (6 miles)
Ski Ward (7 miles)
Cyprian Keyes Golf Club (8 miles)
Ecotarium in Worcester– indoor and outdoor museum composed of sciences and natural exhibits (12 miles)
Union Station in Worcester (13 miles)
DCU Center in Worcester (14 miles)

For parks and recreation, you can really just walk down any street in the quiet town of Boylston MA and feel as though you are in the middle of an arboretum, but rest assured, they actually have real parks as well. These include;

Tower Hill Botanic Garden
Hillside Park

Boylston MA Economy

Boylston MA doesn’t really have any single major source of employment or industry, which of course is just how the people that move to Boylston MA like it. They do have nearby the new Solomon Pond Mall, in Berlin MA, that straddles Boylston MA, Marlboro MA, and Northboro MA, right off of the Solomon Pond Road exit off of Route 290. With dozens of major stores of all sizes, they provide a huge base of employment for people interested in retail in the greater Boylston MA area, if not in Boylston MA itself. Other than that, there isn’t a whole lot of industry in Boylston MA itself, and most of the residents commute to jobs along the Route 495 belt, from Bolton MA and Stow MA, south to Franklin MA, along the 290 belt, from Hudson MA and Marlborough MA to Worcester MA, or of course anywhere along the Mass Turnpike into Framingham MA, Wellesley MA, and of course right into Boston MA.

Boylston MA School System – Tahanto Regional

Boylston MA is part of the Tahanto Regional School District, which it shares with Berlin MA. In addition, Boylston MA has its own elementary school. For your convenience I have provided that contact information below. After a long campaign and several ballot attempts, voters in Boylston and Berlin approved construction of the new Tahanto Regional High School, which was dedicated in 2012. The building is a state of the art facility, and the educational system there is ranked as one of the best in the Commonwealth.

Boylston Elementary School 508 869-2200
Tahanto Regional Middle/High School – 508-869-2333

Colleges and Universities in the Boylston MA Area

The colleges and universities in the area include public and private institutions in the Worcester area within 10-15 miles from Boylston MA.

Worcester State University
Assumption College
Becker College
College of the Holy Cross
Worcester Polytech (WPI)
Quinsigamond College
Fitchburg State University

Hospitals near Boylston MA Area

Clinton Hospital – 201 Highland St, Clinton, MA 01510
Milford Regional Medical Center – 14 Prospect St, Milford, MA 01757
Boylston Hospital – 157 Union St, Boylston, MA 01752
UMass Memorial Medical Center – 119 Belmont St, Worcester, MA
Emerson Hospital – 133 Old Road to 9 Acre Corner, Concord, MA
UMass Memorial Hospital – 305 Belmont St, Worcester, MA 01605
Saint Vincent Hospital – 123 Summer St, Worcester, MA 01608

Popular Restaurants near Boylston MA

Boylston has a great selection of restaurants! Shiro Japanese Restaurant is a top rated place in Boylston for their fresh sushi. Flat Penny Bar and Grill is a great and has lobster rolls year round! Now how many places can say they do that! There are plenty of other places right outside of Boylston in Hudson like Harvest Café and Victor’s Diner. They are both known for terrific breakfast foods.

Boylston MA Realtor – Steve Levine

I have been selling real estate in the Boylston Massachusetts area since the late 1980’s, and in some ways it’s amazing to see just how much things have changed.  Of course, in town like Boylston, so many things look just as they did when I first drive into town.

When you’re thinking of buying or selling Boylston MA real estate or relocating in or out of the Boylston MA area, you’ll be faced with more choices than you might imagine. While trying to narrow down your choices, selected from among the many great Boylston MA neighborhoods, you will often be faced with an overload of information, and opinions from just about everyone you meet. Who should you believe? It seems as though each person has a totally different opinion on Boylston, MA, and is more than willing to share it with you, whether you want it or not! At times like this, facing what will be one of the largest financial decisions of your life, the person to turn to is a professional; someone who is able to leverage their experience in the Boylston MA marketplace and can provide a truly non-biased overview and to advise you on every nuance that you should take into consideration.

Since beginning my real estate career, nearly 30 years ago, I have had the privilege of working with literally thousands of buyers and sellers. Whether it was selling an antique two-family in Boylston Center, a town home at TImberbrook Estates,  or any of the myriads of properties in between, I have always focused on a handful of core principles – creativity, honesty, respect, integrity, responsiveness, and attention to detail. Operating on those core principles have taken me through the good markets and bad, and with the most amazing clients one could ever ask for, I now look back on a career with pride in what I’ve done, and excitement at what is to come.

It always seems a bit odd listing one’s own accomplishments in a forum such as this. After all, it isn’t about me, it’s about you. I’m happy to do it, just so you have an idea who you are dealing with…but I’ll keep it ever so brief, as blowing my own horn isn’t really where I choose to spend my time.

Before moving to Central Massachusetts back in 1984 I grew up in New Jersey where I completed my undergraduate studies with a dual major in Microbiology and Psychology, and then my graduate degree in Molecular Biology. I came to Boston MA after graduate school to do oncology research at one of Boston’s most prestigious institutions. After a year of watching people die around me I heard an ad on the radio for a real estate class and have never looked back.

I’m not one to talk about awards, because honestly, I think most real estate awards are silly. Yes, I have won them all, including some that they came up with because a few professionals like me, far exceeded the levels of achievement they thought represented the “top” of the industry. I have been named the #1 RE/MAX Agent in New England many times, as well as one of the Top 100 agents in the world. I’ve been featured in Boston Magazine, the New York Times, and of course every local paper.

I was one of the early inductees into the RE/MAX Hall of Fame, and recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award and Circle of Legends. With each came a lovely trophy, but between you and I, they all wound up in the trash. After all, I’m not a racecar driver, and don’t need a trophy room.

The awards I did keep were based not on real estate at all, but on helping others. I have devoted the better part of my adult life to reaching out and helping those in need, co-founding a charity for children, and sitting on the Board of Directors of two others. I’ve collected and donated nearly 50 tons of food, and worked in the trenches with those who struggle each day. Those awards I’ve kept, and will always treasure as a reminder of what it’s really all about. My goal in life is to not have a single person at my funeral talking about how many houses I have sold… but rather about how many people I have helped.

Wanting to share what I know with others in the real estate industry, I have taught many courses on creative real estate marketing, relocation, social media and customer service – both at the local and national level.

When I first started in the industry, in the mid-1980s, I set in place my “Mission Statement” which would guide me through the years. Ever so often, I update it to include even more aspirations, yet its core remains unchanged, and is just as valid today, so I have shared it with you below.

Whether your needs include information on the Boylston MA real estate market, or homes and condominiums anywhere in the surrounding area, I am at your service and consider it a privilege to put my years of experience at your service.

Boylston MA Real Estate

Boylston MA is a great town to live in, if you want to be centrally located, and yet have potentially a multi acre lot, nestled into the woods.. The Real Estate market is often has some great new opportunities, ranging from luxury real estate, to a nice single-family house that would suit almost any budget. I have over 28 years of experience selling real estate in Boylston Massachusetts, and as I have no doubt that I’ll be able to help with what you have in mind!

The most recent median home price in Boylston MA was in the mid $300,000 range, but there are always houses of different values, sizes, and neighborhoods on the market. Because of its proximity to Worcester MA, Marlborough MA, and even Boston MA, there are plenty of things to do in the Boylston MA area, so you’ll be able to come home to your quiet country neighborhood, but know that you’re just steps away from all that you need for day to day life.

Scroll through the listings below to view properties currently available in Boylston MA.

Steve Levine Mission Statement

I will provide the best service possible for every client I represent.

To be the best realtor I can be, I am willing to give up a large portion of my personal life to ensure the highest level of service, integrity, and knowledge possible. To do this, I have committed to being reachable to all of my clients 24 hours a day – 365 days a year within 10 minutes or less. I do not do this because of my client’s expectations, but because of my commitment to serve them. I have been selling Massachusetts real estate since the 1980s, and begin and end each day with a commitment to always provide this high level of service at every opportunity.

I will never tell a client what they want to hear if it is not reality. I will never enter into a client relationship where I know what is expected of me cannot be done in good faith. I acknowledge that I may periodically lose business because I am truthful with my clients and sometimes my competitors will tell them what they want to hear to temporarily to get their business. In the long run, I know that my honesty will prevail.

I will always remember that to have a winning relationship with my clients, we must always have a mutual goal. I am neither slave – nor master, but a fellow member of a winning team. While I will bend over backwards day or night to help you meet your goals, I will not enter into a relationship with people who treat me with disrespect. I have worked too hard for too many years to put up with that.

I will never lose sight of the fact that my honesty, loyalty, understanding, work ethic and creativity are what make me so very different from the real estate masses. I will always promote the best interest of my clients, and I will always disclose to my clients all facts that might affect or influence their decisions. Many times, a client and I may disagree, but they will never be left wondering about a hidden agenda. Anything I have to say about a property is out in the open at all times. In the end, all decisions are the client’s to make, not mine, and I will always respect their decision.

I will freely give of my time and money to help my Massachusetts community and charities. I will never lose sight of how many people in the world are less fortunate than myself. I will also attempt to educate my fellow agents, and to raise the standard by which realtors are measured in the public eye.

I will never forget that I can easily go from being the top agent in New England to being a nobody, by losing sight of the fact that I owe to my clients everything that I am or might ever hope to be. They have placed me where I am today, at the pinnacle of my profession, and they can just as easily take it all away.

I respect your time, and value your business. I know you could go anywhere for your real estate needs, and appreciate having the opportunity to serve you the best way I can. My family completely owes its well being to your continued business, and my entire family is grateful for all you have made possible.

Steve Levine

Boylston MA Community and Real Estate Guide