Improving Air Quality in your home makes a great impression on potential Buyers in Shrewsbury, MA

SHREWSBURY, Massachusetts – Believe it or not, the quality of air in your home while it is on the market can have a large subconscious impact on the impression potential buyers have of your home, as it is a concern to many buyers today. Homeowners today are ultra-conscious of the quality of air in their homes, since we spend so much time indoors. Here are some ways that you can achieve superior air quality while improving your family’s respiratory health.

  • Basement: Since the furnace is in this space, you must have it inspected and cleaned yearly to avoid leakage of dangerous gases. Also, many basements can be damp and therefore may grow mold. You must make sure your gutters are doing their job of keeping water runoff away from your home. Installing a dehumidifier or air conditioner can keep even the moistest basement dry.
  • Garage: Install a weatherproof door between this room and the rest of your home. It will keep gasoline odors where they belong. Your lungs and potential buyers will thank you.
  • Kitchen: If you have a gas range, you must have a hood fan that exhausts outdoor air. Turning on that fan, or simply opening a window while cooking will remove gas fumes. All fuel burning appliances must be professionally inspected to prevent possible carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Pet odors: These need to be kept to an absolute minimum, especially in wet weather. When in doubt, have someone else come take a walk through and give you an honest opinion. So often we get used to those odors in our homes, and don’t realize just how noticeable they are.
  • Family/Living Room: Dust accumulation can be simply eliminated with the reduction of clutter. Keeping toys, books and other items nicely stored away in closets is the way to go.
  • Bedrooms: Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum. Dust mites and allergens are also greatly reduced by washing bedding in hot water. Choose area rugs that are easy to wash. Also consider steam-cleaning rugs before showing your home, reducing any bad odor and improving the air quality in your home.
  • Bathrooms: Ventilation is so important in this well-used room. Exhaust fans work to remove moisture and chemicals that you clean with. Change your cleaning products to ones that have no pesticides or toxic ingredients. See for a list of green bathroom cleaners.
  • Attic: Have your duct work inspected if it runs through an uninsulated attic. Why? Because humid air condenses and can cause mold and rust. Consider having your attic insulated.

Throughout your home always leave doors between rooms open for better air circulation Opening windows from time to time is also quite important to the overall maintenance of your home. Today’s homes have become, by design, so “tight” that the air can easily get stale. Yes, air conditioning is great, but it really is so great to just open the windows from time to time and let the house breath. Fresh air wins out with Buyers each and every time.


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