Curb Appeal is essential in the selling of your Shrewsbury home!

SHREWSBURY, Massachusetts – If you are putting your house on the market, or own a rental property that is in need of a new tenant, get it to move more quickly with what experts say the market is currently calling for – more curb appeal.

In the past the two main things sellers focused on were making sure their kitchen was up to par and bathrooms were fresh.  Now we are finding that in this softened market, curb appeal is king. Make sure your property is ready when it is shown to prospective buyers. The first look makes a big difference, and this could be the only shot you have to make a good impression.

If you are having trouble deciding what changes need to be made, have no fear, because it’s what I do each and every day here in Shrewsbury. I start with the approach of simple economics, asking myself, “What can I do to the home in a few days that will cost $X, but will generate five times X in additional sales price?” It just doesn’t make sense to put in $3,000 worth of granite counters to only get $3,000 more for the home…but if I can spend $1,000 on paint and earn $10,000 in profit, I’ll do that all day long!

One thing that may be the single best asset to my real estate career in Shrewsbury, has been to put together a “pre-marketing team” that I can count on to help in a pinch. After we meet and come up with a plan, I just need to make a few calls, and in comes my painter, handyman, electrician, carpet cleaner, etc. They all know each other and all work based on the same fundamental principle of getting you as much as possible for your home.

An average of $3,000 is what one National Association of Realtors survey found was needed to make homes look cleaner, fresher and more modern. De-cluttering was high on the list of priorities as well. Make that first impression the best it can be since today’s Shrewsbury homebuyers are jumping much more quickly on homes that appear to be updated and fresh.

About Steve Levine

For nearly three decades, Steve Levine of REMAX Professional Associates, has been one of the top Real Estate agents in the Central Massachusetts.  A ten-time honoree as #1 REMAX Agent in New England, he brings to the table the experience that comes from working successfully with over 2000 Buyers and Sellers, through all types of real estate markets.  Adept at everything from land development, to custom home building, to residential single family and condo sales, his “can do” approach has made him one of the most sought after agents in the region.

A consummate marketing aficionado, and recognized as one of the most innovative Realtors in the industry, he has spoken nationally on many occasions, training other real estate agents on customer service, marketing, and web presence, and is currently developing a suite of instructional videos designed to enable agents to take their business to the next level.

When not out selling Massachusetts’s real estate, Steve is a passionate photographer, musician and writer, and is constantly looking for new ways to express himself.

For a private consultation on your Massachusetts real estate needs, he can be reached by email at, by phone at 508 735-4663.

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