Before Listing Your Massachusetts Home, Take a Look at these Tips for a Successful Open House!


Even in this day and age of marketing your home on the Internet, there is occasionally some value remaining in holding a basic open house, but often not in the traditional manner you may think. There are many ways to make your open house a success, but first and foremost, let’s talk about some of the different types of open house events.

First, you have the traditional open house where, regardless of when a home came on the market, you announce that on a particular day, it will be “open” for tours without an appointment, during a particular time period.

Next, is what I call a “pseudo-open-house.” In this type, it is merely a virtual open house, meaning that it is available for agents to show to their Buyers, without a predefined appointment, during a particular time frame, but all Buyers need to make an appointment through their agent.

Lastly, is a Brokers open house, usually held during the week. For this, agents are invited to preview the property during a time frame, occasionally with the list agent providing a luncheon, but without Buyers coming along.

Regardless of which type we do, as your agent I need to work hard to get the news of your open house out ahead of time. I have a host of different means for doing this, from inter-office emails, to social media, direct mail, and even the age old method of getting on the phone and calling people to invite them personally.

Of course the most important aspect of your open house lies in properly preparing the home, as this is the only opportunity to make a first impression on prospective buyers. They may be indifferent to the properties they are viewing based on the online description, so take this opportunity to show them why they will love your home!

Some feel that by getting immediate feedback from a wide array of Buyers and Agents, we will come up with a few ways to improve your listing, and make it more salable. With many agents, that is most certainly the case. Personally, I feel that after having been through this process as many times as I have, I have a really great eye towards home staging and preparation – enough so that by the time that first Buyer crosses the threshold, we’ve already taken care of anything that they could have commented on.

Of course, I do tend to learn something new from time to time, and that’s why when it comes to the sale of your Massachusetts home, we can’t leave a single stone unturned.


About Steve Levine

For nearly three decades, Steve Levine of REMAX Professional Associates, has been one of the top Real Estate agents in the Central Massachusetts.  A ten-time honoree as #1 REMAX Agent in New England, he brings to the table the experience that comes from working successfully with over 2000 Buyers and Sellers, through all types of real estate markets.  Adept at everything from land development, to custom home building, to residential single family and condo sales, his “can do” approach has made him one of the most sought after agents in the region.

A consummate marketing aficionado, and recognized as one of the most innovative Realtors in the industry, he has spoken nationally on many occasions, training other real estate agents on customer service, marketing, and web presence, and is currently developing a suite of instructional videos designed to enable agents to take their business to the next level.

When not out selling Massachusetts’s real estate, Steve is a passionate photographer, musician and writer, and is constantly looking for new ways to express himself.

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